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Dr. Rob Kominiarek is a contributing author to many popular media publications. Inquiries for Dr. Rob's articles can be made through:

Kelly Taylor
Publicity Agent, Dr. Rob Kominiarek

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Dr. Rob Kominiarek,(Pr: COMMON-ERIC), America's Fitness Doctor® is a board certified family physician with an expertise in health, fitness and nutrition. He is Host of AmericasFitnessDoctor.TV. Creator of 16 Minutes A Day An Energizing Fat Loss Solution™. Author of Build A Better Body and the Amazon Bestseller The Bride's Guide To Quick Weight Loss.
Visit him Online at He is on Facebook as America's Fitness Doctor and on Twitter as Dr. Rob@AmericasFitness
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Dr Rob, America's Fitness Doctor® is on "Living Dayton" WDTN2 every Wednesday at Noon!

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Dr. Rob and Shaun Kraisman

Ashley Martin rocks it out with Dr. Rob!

Dr. Rob with Nathalie and Tech Diva Alli Rittenhouse

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