Doctor to sign books in Springboro



SPRINGBORO —Dr. Rob Kominiarek will sign copies of his book, The Bride’s Guide to Quick Weight Loss, from 6-8 p.m. Friday, April 20 at Ambiance Art and Cafe, 345 S. Main St.

Called “America’s Fitness Doctor, Kominiarek has been a board certified family physician for 17 years with a passion in medicine directed towards overall health, fitness and nutrition by making sensible, balanced choices that lead to a healthy lifestyle.

As “Dr. Rob, America’s Fitness Doctor,” he is host of AmericasFitnessDoctor.TV and author of several books about health, fitness and nutrition and creator of High Intensity Fuzion Training, Fitness Subconscious Programming,, The Bride’s Guide to Quick Weight Loss and The Quick Weight Loss Series and contributes to

“I have designed numerous workouts and nutrition plans to accomplish different fitness and lifestyle goals,” he said. ” One of the most common mistakes I see people make is not defining their exact fitness goal. Your fitness goal dictates your nutrition plan and your nutrition plan is the foundation of your success. Whether it is for weight loss or for fitness performance, your nutrition plan is where it all starts. You would not get a hammer from the tool box when you need a screwdriver and you would not use a triathlete’s nutrition plan for a body builder.

Kominiarek said his expertise in weight loss is using non-medicinal methods to obtain results. “What we are really talking about is fat cell metabolism and one of the distinct events, lipolysis, that occurs in the life of a fat cell to obtain results. I utilize research driven and proven methods to obtain results while helping individuals create a healthy lifestyle around what works for them which is what ultimately leads to long-term success.”

The majority of people are really looking for balance, he said. “Balance is difficult to define, but you know it when you see it and you know it when you feel it. In my approach and philosophy to health, fitness, and nutrition I take a very balanced approach to achieving your total goals. It is neither reasonable nor maintainable to take a path that deprives the mind, body or soul of that which it ultimately seeks to achieve which is balance.”

The four mainstays of life are health, spirituality, passionate pursuits and family and friends, he said. “Of these four, health is the cornerstone to balancing the other areas of your life. Health is achieved by finding a balance in nutrition, exercise, water and rest and recovery … Many times we think the solution to our problem is complicated when more often than not, the solution is quite simple, it is the execution that is the ultimate challenge.”

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